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Coming soon!
Tour Dates

August 26, 2010 | 9:00 pm
The Backstage Lounge
Vancouver BC
w/ special guest Vania Levans
Cost: $10

March 19, 2009 | 9:00 pm
The Railway Club
Vancouver BC
w/ guests Jonathan Inc. & Eisenhauer
Cost: $8


September 2, 2010
Dear Friends,
Thank you for taking the time out on a school night to be with us! It was so great to catch up with you. Thank you for cheering and for singing so beautifully - were thrilled you dig the new tunes, and were excited to share more.
Until then,Catch the Time!
— Posted by Christopher

August 3, 2010
Hello Friends,
Its been forever! We have new tunes to share with you and a ton to catch up on! Come join us Thursday August 26, 2010 at the Backstage Lounge for a special evening with Vania Levans! Cant wait to see you!
— Posted by Christopher

April 20, 2009
Hello! We miss you and are working on new dates for shows. Please stay tuned. In the meantime, check out some of our new reviews!
Enjoy the sunshine!
— Posted by Christopher

March 20, 2009
To our new Friends,
Thank you so much for coming to our CD release party, for cheering us on and for singing along (we cant believe some of you knew all the words to the songs)! We had a wondeful time and hope you did too. Wed love to see you again—lets stay in touch, kay?
— Posted by Christopher

February 14, 2009
Happy Valentine's Day! Thank you so much for stopping by! Stick around—this could be the beginning of a beautiful relationship.
Hey, if you're not busy on Thursday March 19, 2009, maybe you'd like to come to our CD release party? It's at the Railway Club in Vancouver, a fantastic venue with very special guests Jonathan Inc. and Eisenhauer. Great music, really casual—it'll be a fun night out! We could meet there at, say 8ish?
Great! It's a date then!
See you soon!
— Posted by Christopher